Saturday, November 26, 2011


 SIN...all good Christians/Jews/Muslims know about Moses receiving the ten commandments on Mt Sinai from the hand of God, yeah? "Sinai" is the "Mountain of the Moon", "Sin" being the Moon God. Sin ruled the land of Sinim (Isaiah 49:12), which meant "land of the lunar mountain". His Chaldean name was Kingu, and Kingu received the Tablets of Law from the primal Mother of Creation, Tiamat. Christianity (like many other religions) simply appropriated existing beliefs -- by word or sword (holy swords, of course). When Kingu became Moses' God, he kept the same mountain throne and the same tablets.

 Stick with me here. Everyone knows Jesus was a Jew. Judaism was born of Islam. Abraham is the common denominator, that's why we speak of "the Abrahamic faiths" (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). Now, the god Moses met on Mount Sinai claimed to be the god of Abraham, though he said **Abraham knew him by a different name** (Exodus 6:3). Perhaps this name was....Kingu, or Sin.

 Gonna continue this post, cause what's contained in the Ka'Bah is very interesting and relates to this. (The Ka'bah is the black box in the middle of Mecca, the one thing that 1.5 BILLION muslims face and pray fervently to FIVE TIMES a day. That's a hell of a lot of attention. INtention.)

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  1. Attention. INtention. SINtention.
    (In the positive, godly sense :P )