Saturday, November 5, 2011

Darkroom tragedy. Chemicals were fine, but the water temperature was way off. No matter how much hot, we could still put our hands in it and the thermometer read 125 degrees. Just like most things, it'll turn out to something we don't even know. Such a little inconvenience, but it had to happen. Something shifted. Something's defragged. How many times could the same moment be defragged? Seems like it'd get ridiculous after awhile. Who's defrag happens first? Maybe it's just whoever has the stronger magic. Whoever owns more luck.


  1. defrag... like a computer? things were put back into order for maximum efficiency?


  2. Anonymous - "Defrag" is from my book, BRITTLE. The main character, Sara Jacobs, starts understanding how magic and willpower interact with the "real", boring, everyday world. When magic changes something, everyone's minds have to be changed, too, or else they might suspect that public schools and TV aren't telling them the whole story.

    Read the first 5 chapters here:

  3. "He distrusted her affection, and what loneliness is more lonely than distrust?" (George Eliot, Middlemarch)

    Sara has a reasonable amount of distrust towards the adults in her life. Do these adults prove to be the Unfair Authority? Through magic and it's possibilities she gains confidence and control.

    At first downtrodden, Sara expands her mind to embrace magic! She plays the hand she was dealt showing real clarity and toughness.

    Sara Jacobs is no whiner.

  4. The adults in her life are nothing but unfair in her eyes. To Ms. Eliot, I would say 'the only loneliness more lonely than distrust is the one that fills the void of a trust betrayed'.

  5. Just stumbled upon the first few chapters of your book.
    My children are 12 and 14, would you recommend them reading "Brittle" ?

    Mom 207

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  7. @Mom 207: Good question. Nowadays, kids are being exposed to more and more adult-y themes and situations.
    There's no foul language, and no sexual scenes in BRITTLE. It's kid-friendly, and intended to be very empowering.

    It's a driving story, historically informative, about a diabetic high school girl's mission to control life as it crumbles around her, jumping historical epochs and fighting corrupt authority. BRITTLE will be available soon, and I'm working on the sequel.

    I've had great reviews from school-age kids who have devoured it in a night or two. Have you read the first 5 chapters on my site- . "Writing" tab, then "Brittle"