Saturday, December 10, 2011


This wood engraving from J Cazotte's 1845 book, Le Diable Amoureux, entitled "The Nightmare".

"Mare" was the Old English word for  "succubus".  That's the demon that descends at night, landing on peoples' chests, suffocating them and causing bad dreams.

This is one of the facts told in BRITTLE, my Urban Fantasy available for purchase soon. Preview the first 5 chapters here . Keep watching this blog, or my author site , for details.


  1. Nice! I'd like a copy of BRITTLE! Hope to purchase it soon! I really enjoyed the first few chapters and would like more!

    Succubus was mare? Like... a female horse? That's not scary *giggle*

  2. Thanks Cherry, I'm glad you liked it. Stay tuned for purchase details. Also, check out my fan page on Facebook. "Like" it!!

    And "succubus" was the female demon that comes down and drains people, usually guys, in a ... sexual way at night. Gives nightmares. "Incubus" is the male version.